The GILLARD CIK TG chassis is CIK Homologated and has been developed for the X30 classes, with special attention being given to good turn in and excellent speed off corners. Testing and development has obtained maximum grip without affecting engine performance. With its range of stiffening features the GILLARD CIK TG is suitable for all X30 drivers and different track conditions. Already the GILLARD CIK TG has proven its pedigree at the highest level with fantastic Championship performances and victories.

  • Assembled 30mm chassis in “Works” Deep Silver
  • Full CIK 18 Bodywork in red
  • Lightweight GILLARD suede flat top steering wheel
  • 50mm hollow rear axle in varying degrees of rigidity with special bearing carriers
  • Superb GILLARD brake system with vented disc
  • 8.5 litre CIK detachable fuel tank
  • Up to 4 seat stays and easy adjust exhaust system
  • Unique independently adjustable castor and camber system
  • Adjustable steering column position
  • Adjustable Ackerman steering levels with steering column and stub axle variation
  • Adjustable ride height front and rear
  • Variable stub axle rigidity with 17mm and 25mm shafts
  • Option of full range of 1/4 and covered upholstered seats in varying rigidities.
  • Optional front and rear variable blade torsion bars
  • Optional GILLARD front brake system
  • Optional GILLARD wheel base adjustment

Gillard CIK TG

Gillard TG £2,350.00
Drilled mount, Front & Rear Torsion Bars and 4 levels of Castor Adjustment £125.00
Tillett Enclosed Composite Chain Guard £22.30
Half Magnesium Low Volume Wheel Set Upgrade £65.00
Full Magnesium Wheel Set Upgrade £155.00
European Plastic Rear Bumper and Fitting Kit Upgrade £35.35
GILLARD TG with Junior X30 engine and Komet K1H tyres complete £4,225.00
GILLARD TG with Senior X30 engine and Komet K1H tyres complete £4,225.00

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